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still plays with . . . . . Betsy McCall Classics

Tiny Betsy - 8" Betsy McCall - 14"

The Betsy McCall Story

To the delight of mothers and daughters everywhere, Betsy debuted on the cover of McCall's Magazine in May 1951.  In 1957, Betsy jumped from the pages of McCall's Magazine into the active hands of her loyal fans as an 8-inch hard plastic doll.  Produced by the American Character Doll Company in conjunction with McCall's this Betsy was an instant hit as a playtime friend!  Based on his endearing love for Betsy, Robert Tonner reintroduced the whimsical little tyke as a new 14" sculpt in 1996.

The Tiny Betsy Story

Tiny Betsy McCall™ is an 8-inch, hard plastic doll with synthetic mohair wig and an extensive, fun wardrobe.  Her sculpt is based on the original American Character sculpts...but the same molds are not used.  Robert studied the original to better engineer away the flaws associated with the 1957 toy to create a collectible for the new millennium.  Since the doll's debut in early 2000, collectors have been drawn very closely to the popularly priced collectible as an outstanding representation of the vintage Betsy, and as one of the finest and most unique examples of 8-inch hard plastic dolls today.


Tiny Betsy's clothing is based on original Betsy McCall™ paperdoll clothes; each with an all-American charm that celebrates over 50 years of Betsy!

Betsy McCall™ is a trademark licensed for use by GRUNER + JAHR PRINTING AND PUBLISHING CO. (c)2000-2003 GRUNER + JAHR USA PUBLISHING.  All rights reserved.  Produced under license by Tonner Doll Company, Inc.


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